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Where Can Your Voice Take You?

At AshleyDenaySings, your mind, body and spirit are in tune so that your voice can reach its full potential. You never know with your voice where you'll go.

Vocal Lessons With Ashley

I offer an intensive regimen that determines what strategies work best with you and your voice. 

Investing in vocal lessons is investing in yourself. Everything that we do is developed specifically for your needs. 

Can't Make It To Lessons?

Virtual lessons are always available! We can meet wherever you are.

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ALL Sessions are in-person or virtual
Sing safely and from the convenience of your own home.


You love the idea of performing on stage. The thought of it fills your body and soul with fire. But when it comes down to audition time, you feel stiff on stage and you struggle with being in the moment and singing your best. Stage fright is REAL. 

















You wanna be able to strut your stuff and sing your face off, but right now you’re afraid that you’ll never be able to get to the next level. It’ll be shower-singing and concert car rides forever. 

Many talented performers have been in your shoes.





maria and annie .png

Student Maria

performing in the Musical "Annie"


With customized 1:1 performance and vocal coaching, you’ll learn the showmanship and expression you need to sing and perform with vocal freedom so that you CAN strut your stuff and NAIL your next audition!

Whether you want to sing R&B, pop music, or musical theatre… I’ve got you 100% covered.

As a professional singer and performer, I’ve done it all.




Are you ready? Your vocal journey can begin NOW (in the safety of your own home!). Get started by filling out the application below, and I will be in touch to book your first session. I cannot WAIT to work with you!

It’s time for you to learn how to bring your A-Game. I’m ready to help you step into the spotlight! 

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