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Why Join Our Music Shows For Seniors?

  • Music programs for seniors benefit both mental and physical health

  • They help maintain an active social life

  • Gives your seniors something to look forward to 

  • Fun entertainment in styles of jazz, barbershop, and broadway 

  • Themed music shows 

  • Professional & mature musicians and instructors 

  • New programs starting frequently

  • Conveniently located on site at your facility or virtually through Zoom 

What To Expect From A Music Program?

  • 10 week program 

  • Five 60 minute music classes 

  • 60 minute shows - once a week 

  • Engaging and supportive musicians and instructors

  • Variety of music styles ranging from barbershop (a capella), classical, jazz, traditional music and more

  • Put on a show for your facility 

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