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Top notch professional, first class entertainer

Ashley Denay, a native of Maryland, has always found solace and connection through music. As an advocate for Mental Health Awareness, Ashley has harnessed the power of music to connect with others, offering her voice as a source of comfort and inspiration. For Ashley, music is more than just sound—it's comfort food for the soul.


A proud graduate of Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts, Ashley pursued her passion for music further by studying Vocal Performance at Morgan State University. Her dedication and talent have led her to become an International Barbershop Competitor and Regional Champion, showcasing her exceptional vocal abilities on both national and international stages.


Ashley’s diverse musical journey includes performances with renowned acts such as Josh Christina & the Revivals and the Bachelor Boys Band, as well as her self-titled band, the Ashley Denay Band. Her multifaceted background in musical theatre has seen her take on several lead and supporting lead roles throughout the Mid-Atlantic, captivating audiences with her powerful performances.

Ashley’s mission is to move, empower, and inspire her audience. In a world filled with challenges, she aims to create a space where people can forget their negative feelings and thoughts. Ending their nights feeling uplifted and in a good mood. Ashley’s performances remind everyone of the importance of being themselves, knowing they are not alone in their struggles.


Ashley’s desire to connect with people and help them connect with themselves is the driving force behind her music. She takes her audience on a journey down memory lane, sharing joy and realness in every performance.

**All The Feels **


Ashley Denay understands that it’s normal to feel a range of emotions, and she wants her audience to know they’re not alone. Her music provides a safe space to feel, remember, and connect, fostering a sense of community and understanding.


Join Ashley Denay on this musical journey and experience the transformative power of her voice. Whether on stage with a band or in a theatrical production, Ashley’s passion and dedication shine through, making every performance an unforgettable experience.


Explore the soulful sounds of Ashley Denay and discover the comfort and connection she brings to every note.


Elevate your recordings and live performances with

Ashley Denay and her teams

harmonious vocals. 

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